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Painter and decorator in Shepherd's Bush London

Professional painter and decorator in Shepherd's Bush in London - K B Decorating Services company with over 20 years of experience, undertaking comprehensive painting and decorating services. Our offer includes painting services for rooms as well as entire properties and is directed to both individual clients and businesses. Hire a local painter and decorator near you.

K B Decorating Services undertake painting of offices, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, shops, apartments and houses either an exterior and interior paint walls, rooms, doors, windows, fences, etc. In addition, we offer comprehensive services related to wall finishing: wallpapering and surface filling.

In order to restore the look of your property we repair cracks on walls and ceilings, level the walls, remove stains and water stains after being flooded.

Professional painting services

K B Decorating Services have an extensive experience in the painting industry, good technical facilities and a qualified painters in Shepherd's Bush. To meet and exceed clients' expectations we offer flexibility and individual approach to each project. 

We help in choosing the right paints, primers, putties or painting techniques. We guarantee full professionalism and provide a high standard of our services. Moreover, We offer timely implementation of painting and finishing. Your investment.

If you want to paint the apartment received from the developer or just refresh the appearance of the rooms or change the décor with a new colour of the walls, please contact us.

Guidance and advice from K B Decorating painters

Current range of paints in the market have many advantages: they cover well, are durable, can be resistant to repeated cleaning, choosing the right paint and colours can be really difficult.

K B Decorating services provide professional advice for clients in n Shepherd's Bush in the selection of suitable and proven materials and advise in choosing the colour so that it emphasizes the attractiveness and character of the interior space.

Your interior items will be secured : the furniture, floors and windows, the skirting boards will be removed, walls prepared and cleaned.

Painting and decorating process

A good specialist knows that painting work should always begin with the proper preparation of the substrate. If necessary, fill and prime the walls.


Priming is nothing more than covering the wall with an additional layer of the preparation, which makes the paint stick to the painted surface better. Only then will we quickly and efficiently paint your apartment. After finishing work, we will leave the room in perfect condition!

Before we start painting work and reach for paints, brushes and rollers, we should properly prepare the room.
It is best to remove furniture and equipment from the rooms, put what could not be hidden or taken out in the middle of the room
and tightly cover it with foil and then stick it with painter's tape.
Then we secure the floors, electric sockets, window and door frames, radiators, skirting boards (if they cannot be dismantled).

Contact us for painting and decorating in Shepherd's Bush and beyond

So whether you need a painter in Shepherd's Bush or exterior painting in Kensington– K Decorating Services team is perfectly suited to add to the look and value of your home or business property. Remember, we’ll be glad to provide you with a free quote!